diep in de zee

Kaart wordt geladen...

Date(s) - 09/03/2019
13:00 - 16:15


Een woordje uitleg

You: I hate my life

Stranger: Why?

You: I’m 22, work in  fast food and will probably never do anything better.

Stranger: Don’t say that!!!

You: My coworker makes fun of me all day and if I told my boss he’d probably just cut my already shit pay, because he’s a cheap bastard.

Stranger: :/

You: My best friend is mentally retarded, and all we ever do is stupid shit.

Stranger: 🙁

You: I can’t leave my hometown because i always fail on my driver‘s test.

You: And do you know what the worst part is?

Stranger: What?

You: I live in a pineapple under the sea!

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